Welcome to Fat Lux Light.

We are designers, wholesalers and consultants for lighting, luminaires, lamps and components.
We were born out of the need for service, quality and knowledge in the general lighting industry.


Standard and special lights for internal or external use in all industrial areas. Get it right and increase productivity while saving. Get the best advice and correct design first.


Save money and improve your look. We can help you inspire your staff and clients with the best lighting for your setting. Lighting changes moods and attitudes.


Customers respond to lighting in subtle ways. Small changes can alter moods and decision making. Global retailers know this works. Use our experience to design for increased sales.


Get help to improve your quality of light while improving your property value. Good lighting changes perceptions and values. Light affects emotions; emotion sells.

It's our business to light up your business.

After many years of involvement in the lighting industry and energy conservation sectors we can provide you with a whole suite of services covering all aspects of these areas. We have built a range of like minded people who are experts in their sectors and who work to the same high standards we maintain.

Knowledge Centre

The sections below may allow you to understand some basic lighting concepts and cover the basics in allowing you to select products.  IES files are available on request.