About Us

We love great design. Nothing makes us prouder than finishing a project, on-time and beautifully.

Why Fat Lux...

Fat Lux Light was born out of the need for service, quality and knowledge in the general lighting industry. Pushed by clients, contractors, maintenance managers, electricians and suppliers to create our own outlet we came into existence at the beginning of 2015 after 30 years of working in and around the industry. Conceived in 1985 but born in 2015 we have been a long time coming! Our aim is to understand your needs, guide you to what is the best solution and identify the most appropriate products. A simple ethos with no lies.

What we do...

Fat Lux Light is a wholesaler of lighting, lamps, luminaires and components. We import, source locally or find you the best product possible. We use our knowledge and experience to aid in design. We contract out full design and installation if required. We work closely with maintenance departments, operations managers, electrical contractors, designers and project managers. In most cases we can have fittings modified to suit your needs or application. We can source specialist manufacturers if needed.

We also provide consultancy services where required. From a simple scope of works through to full project management we can provide services on lighting efficiency, design, energy reduction, power factor correction and installation.

Who we are...

Ted Gray started in the lighting industry in the mid eighties working in theatre, cinema and rock music. A poor actor and musician but an excellent manager and technician he worked with everything from carbon arc lamps through to LED. Via various steps he eventually worked with iGuzzini Illuminazione in London for many years as they established themselves as market leaders in the commercial /retail sector providing lighting for clients such as Marks & Spencer, Honda, Starbucks, Tesco, Topshop, Uniqlo and Ikea among others. Ted was the Sales Office & Logistics Manager controlling all the operational facets of the $60m operation from quotation to delivery on time. Sales Office, Project Office, Quotations, Purchasing, Workshop and Warehouse.


On return to Australia in 2010 he was unfortunate to work briefly with a less than ethical solar company but learnt a great deal about solar before moving to Solus Corporation. Doug Galvin is the inspiration and innovator behind Solus Corporation and they have been leaders is the field is specialised design and build work for many years.   With Solus Ted project managed the installation of the Airport Link Flyover feature lighting and the quote, design and partial build of the Story Bridge LED decorative lighting as well as the project management of the design, supply and install of the Downfall Creek solar lighting for the Brisbane City Council   He then moved on to iPureLux where he helped set the company in motion as an importer and wholesaler of lighting products.


Ted has worked across so many facets of the lighting industry he is able to provide information and direction in most areas. He has helped numerous companies grow with his experience, knowledge and straight talking. He drives the company ethos of service, quality and knowledge.