Technical Info: Which Light Source?

While we want to reduce power consumption wherever possible we are also concerned with giving clients the best product for the application. We explore all options.

We talk about design and application a lot at Fat Lux Light. If your lighting is terrible (too dim, too bright or too patchy) it is normally obvious and you set out to change it. But, if your lighting is not terrible but not good either, you probably don’t recognise the affect it has on you, workers and customers. Poor light becomes tiring, glare is wearing and off putting, wrong colour temperatures can create problems….. and all of these are subtle influences that affect productivity and footfall. The big UK retailers upgrade their lighting regularly as they know it pays off.
This does not mean extra expense and fancy designs, it often is as simple as choosing the right light source, understanding the application and selecting the right fixture and colour temperatures. LED is great for most applications but selecting the right combination of lights can bring your premises to life. There is a great temptation to go brighter and more powerful with LED but we often encourage people to reduce the output to get the best feel.
In Industrial settings or with high power luminaires we tend to work with Magnetic Induction lamps as the life is fantastic at around 100,000 hours, the lumen depreciation is minimal and the glare is much less than LED. We still use LED in some of these applications as required but the worker’s response to the quality of magnetic induction keeps us satisfied.
We are not slaves to the march of LED. We use and recommend it constantly but not exclusively. There is a place for LED, Magnetic Induction, T5 Fluorescent, Metal Halide, Sodium and even Halogen.   We aim to give you the best combination of products that gives you the sharpest deal, the greatest productivity and the highest footfall with the greatest power savings possible.

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The sections below may allow you to understand some basic lighting concepts and cover the basics in allowing you to select products. IES files are available on request.

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